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Blank Slate offers high-quality, custom, handmade invitations and cards. We aim to provide a unique and personal creative experience through one-on-one consulting with you to develop a high-quality product as individual as you and your event. We are also pleased to offer place cards, tags, and other favours for your special occasion.


Our goal is to take your vision and create a tangible product that you can claim as your own creation. We offer pre-designed invitations and cards that showcase Blank Slate’s customization capabilities. These pieces can be ordered, or we can customize whatever you see to fit your vision. Every pre-designed card or invitation we offer is handmade when you order it so if you want something altered, it can be done!

We specialize in creating custom invitations and cards. Whatever the occasion, we can tailor your invitation or card to fit any theme or colour scheme to complete your perfect vision. 

Every little detail (colour, paper type, font, embellishments, envelopes, wording, etc.) involved in creating the perfect invitation or card is important to us, so the consultation process is very intricate. You will be involved with your order every step of the way, from vision to production. All of our products are crafted with the most reliable materials and adhesives. We do not stock anything in-house– everything is hand-selected and brought in specifically for your order.

We at Blank Slate thank you for your interest, and we look forward to helping you bring your vision to life.